Advocacy Manager

at Victim Advocates International
Published April 11, 2022
Location Amsterdam, Netherlands
Category Management  
Job Type Full Time  



Background to Organisation

Victim Advocates International (VAI) is a global movement for victims of serious international crimes. It was established to disrupt the way in which victims are viewed in international justice processes. We do this by increasing their influence through collective action, and providing resources to support victim groups to pursue their vision of obtaining a form of justice. Becoming a member of VAI gives victim groups access to the VAI Secretariat. The VAI Secretariat is a resource hub where victims can request support to understand how they can interact with judicial mechanisms; access resources on how to develop their own movement; and connect with other victim groups around the globe.


The majority of the groups in VAI’s membership are currently Rohingya victim groups living in Cox’s Bazar refugee camp, Bangladesh. VAI is supporting these groups to engage with various justice processes and mechanisms relevant to them – including the International Criminal Court and its investigations into the Myanmar/ Bangladesh case; the International Court of Justice in its case on the situation in Myanmar; and various cases and complaints against Facebook, including those made or planned in the US, Ireland, and to the Irish OECD National Contact Point (OECD NCP). Cases seeking justice for violations committed by Facebook are currently one of VAI’s primary focuses, because they give the groups some of the most tangible options for obtaining justice. The complaint to the Irish OECD NCP and then planned litigation in Ireland are both instigated by VAI members, and VAI members make up (or will make up) the complainants in each case.


Description of Position

VAI is looking for an Advocacy Manager to join the VAI Secretariat. The Advocacy Manager will work directly with the Rohingya camp-based victim groups on developing and implementing the advocacy objectives in their ‘Change Strategies’ – documents that have been put together by each group outlining their priorities for what they want to happen to the Rohingya, and how their group will do their part in pushing for this change. The Advocacy Manager will also take the lead on coordinating with advocacy and communications partners on elevating the voices of the Rohingya. The advocacy conducted by the groups, which the Advocacy Manager will support, will include that conducted at the camp, national, and international level.


One of the primary focuses of this role will be advocacy around the cases against Facebook in Ireland, including the case submitted to the Irish OECD NCP in December 2021, and the planned litigation against Facebook on behalf of VAI members in 2022. The Advocacy Manager will help the groups to participate in these cases in each step of the way, and will support the development of advocacy initiatives – created both by the groups by themselves, and by VAI’s advocacy partners – aimed to draw local, national and international attention to these cases, and to increase support.


The successful candidate will have experience in both developing advocacy and communications campaigns and material – such as social media campaigns, advocacy letters, advocacy videos, etc – and conducting strategic advocacy with decision-makers such as governmental bodies, humanitarian organisations and other refugee camp actors.


The role may be part or full time, spending on where the person is based and pending conversations between VAI and the successful applicant.


Terms of the position

Reports to

Executive Director


Key tasks and results expected

General Victim Group Advocacy


Work with Rohingya VAI member groups to develop the advocacy component of their Change Strategies

Formulate and lead strategies for maximising the impact of VAI’s members’ advocacy work

Facilitate access for VAI’s membership have access to all relevant actors and platforms to promote their advocacy goals

Cases Against Facebook


Chair a bimonthly coordination meeting of all actors conducting advocacy around VAI members’ complaints and cases against Facebook.

Develop advocacy materials to be shared for social media campaigns, and other media outreach.

Develop media strategy for the case/ cases against Facebook.

Support VAI member groups to conduct advocacy around these cases, and coordinate between them for join advocacy campaigns and strategies

Work with the groups to ensure they are speaking with consistent voices on Facebook accountability, and that these voices are heard by the right actors – including by agitating for a space for VAI clients in platforms and forums dedicated to speaking about Facebook accountability **

Coordinate the involvement of the groups in advocacy initiatives undertaken by VAI’s partners

Strategic Advocacy with Government, Camp and Humanitarian actors


Assist the groups in documenting an evidence base to underpin all advocacy efforts: eg, an evidence base of the ways in which they have been aggrieved by certain decisions, an evidence base of what they want, prioritise and are interested in; an evidence base for what actors they are most likely to be able to engage with; an evidence base of what has been able to be achieved by similar actors in similar contexts, etc

Assist the groups in setting strategic priorities

Map out all relevant actors who may be able to assist them in meeting their objectives

Formulate strategies and action plans with each group on who to engage with, how, and what to ask for, relevant to different priorities of each group, at the camp, national (Bangladesh and Myanmar), and international level

Qualifications and Experience

A minimum of seven years of experience in a relevant field

An advanced university qualification in a relevant field

Minimum of five years advocacy experience, which includes some experience in:

Government-facing advocacy; Humanitarian actor-facing advocacy, particularly in a refugee camp-based setting; Advocacy around issues relating to accountability and access to justice; Developing advocacy strategies; Producing advocacy and communications materials


Demonstrated experience working directly with victims of crimes, or community-based groups, who are traditionally excluded from justice processes and high-level conversations – even those that directly affect their interests

Ability to translate complex advocacy concepts and objectives into easily digestible language, and ability to adapt messages and communications style for different audiences

Excellent communication skills in English; working ability in at least one other language preferred

A strong affinity with the values and objectives of VAI


VAI seeks to have a global team that reflects its membership. The position is home-based.


Duration of Contract

One year, including a three-month probation period. Extension of contract contingent on additional funding.


How to apply

Please send a CV and cover letter, expressing your interest and describing:


How you would approach the role

What you think will be important to focus on, and

What you will bring to the position

To Vincent Oduor at

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