Laboratory Quality Systems Consultant

at Amref Health Africa
Published November 3, 2022
Location New Delhi, India
Category Consultancy  
Job Type Full Time  



Amref is looking for a Laboratory Quality Systems Consultant with expertise in strengthening laboratory quality management systems in PEPFAR funded HIV/TB activities in Asia to support implementation of project technical activities through a Community of Practice (COP) of all countries. The consultant will be assigned a number of selected countries and will work closely with members of each country-based LabCoP Technical Working Group (TWG) to implement the project activities according to an agreed workplan, using both virtual and face-to-face approaches. The Amref Deputy Project Director, key project staff and consultant will establish effective communication channels with the LabCoP TWG members, and will provide overall coordination, supervision and guidance to the Consultant to ensure effective and timely implementation of the agreed project activities.

Organizational Affiliation

The Consultant will be engaged in an individual capacity and should not be affiliated to any organisation.

Nature of Services to be Rendered

The services of the Consultant will include the following activities, depending on the country’s workplan

Demand Creation for HIV VL/EID testing
Support development and training on national strategy and procedures to increase demand for specialized or newly introduced HIV-related laboratory tests;
Coordinate education and awareness creating forums, and assess knowledge and understanding of HIV treatment monitoring through viral load testing;
Coordinate workshops and meetings and conduct health education for all stakeholders on approaches to VL/EID testing.
Specimen Collection and Processing
Support development and approval of national guidelines on quality specimen collection and processing for HIV-related diagnostic tests, focusing on VL/EID;
Support to national monitoring systems for specimen collection and storage procedures;
Provide TA on establishment of VL/EID specimen rejection criteria;
Provide TA on monitoring of specimen quality and rejection rates as a routine quality improvement activity.
Sample Transportation
Support development of national integrated sample referral networks for HIV-related diagnostics;
Provide TA on monitoring of TAT, review and documentation of corrective actions for longer VL/EID TAT (> 20 days).
HIV VL/EID Testing
Provide TA to Ministries of Health (MoH) on implementation of Quality Management Systems (QMS) as part of a national program towards accreditation of testing facilities;
Provide TA to MoH on development and implementation of standardized scorecards/QMS assessment tools;
Provide TA, and coordinate PT distribution and testing for HIV-related tests in relevant facilities;
Provide TA for development, sensitization and dissemination of essential tools for VL/EID testing facilities.
Waste Management and Biosafety
Support development of national Biosafety and Biosecurity Guidelines and sensitization to national LabCoPs.


Master’s degree in Biomedical Science, Environmental Health/Public Health (PhD Preferred) or relevant field


5-7 years of relevant experience, supporting laboratory systems and HIV and TB care services

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