Project Coordinator

at Soup & Socks e.V.
Published March 20, 2022
Location Katsikas, Greece
Category Management  
Job Type Full Time  



About Habibi.Works


Habibi.Works is an intercultural maker space and platform for education, empowerment and social encounters for refugees, greek locals and international team members. The project is powered by the German non-profit organisation Soup and Socks e.V.


Habibi.Works is located in close proximity to the refugee camp of Katsikas in the north of Greece, which currently hosts 900 men, women and children. More than 3000 refugees and asylum seekers live in the region of Epirus, most of them without access to education, psychological support, the labor market, dignified living conditions or the Greek society.


Habibi.Works provides access to 13 different working areas, including tools, material and the guidance of volunteer experts in each area. The working areas are available to people living in the different refugee camps and to members of the local Greek community.


Working Areas


Metal Workshop

Wood Workshop

Bicycle Repair Workshop

Creative Atelier

Sewing Atelier


Sound / Music Studio

Community Kitchen


Community Garden

Barber Shop / Beauty Salon

Community Gym

What we are looking for


Our diverse team is currently looking for motivated, skilled people to join us on the ground and take over different parts of the project’s coordination, specifically Fundraising, Accounting and/or Recruiting.


The ideal starting date is mid April 2022. The minimum commitment consists of 11 to 12 months. People with former experience or skills in the humanitarian field, project coordination, fundraising and accounting are especially encouraged to apply.


Job Description


You will be working in a team of (on average) 15 people and form part of a coordination team of 4, including 3 on-site and 1 off-site coordinator. There will be a handover period of 1 month during which the current coordinator will accompany you and onboard you to your specific role and responsibilities.


We highly encourage our coordinators get involved in one of the working areas on a weekly basis alongside carrying out their administrative tasks. This is also a means to stay in touch with the target group and to support the rest of the team.


As a Project Coordinator, you will be asked to take over two of the following administrative areas:




This is an important one. You will be responsible to find the money needed to run Habibi Works throughout the year. This is also the money that will pay your salaries. Habibi.Works is carried by the support of individuals donating, by grants and by prizes. We have successfully covered the expenses for 5.5 years without any support from the EU. This is not easy and takes dedication to apply for money and reach out for donations. This role requires strong writing skills, research skills and creativity!




Supported by an accounts manager offsite, you will take responsibility for the accounting system on-site and report the expenses of the project to our accounts manager on a weekly basis. This includes supervising the gathering of all receipts of all expenses made, digitising the receipts and uploading them on to our accounting platform. If you don’t have experience in this field, don’t worry. It is a process with well-defined steps that can be learned by anybody. This role requires high attention to detail and organisation skills. A love of numbers (and spreadsheets) helps!




Along with the other coordinators on the ground you will be responsible for recruiting long-term and short-term experts to run the various working areas. You will follow an established recruiting process and assess the compatibility of applicants according to previously identified and documented criteria. This role requires you to be in communication with many people simultaneously via written (email) communication and interviews.


As a coordinator, we expect you to lead by example and facilitate decision-making with the team while taking into account the financial, legal, practical and ethical implications of decisions made.


Beyond your responsibilities within your administrative area, you (alongside the other coordinators) will be responsible for the following:


Team management


Inducting new team members

Organising the weekly meetings with the team

Motivating the team - keeping morale and spirits high

Checking in with team members on an individual level

Organising housing arrangements

Keeping the team calendar up to date and planning ahead for new team members

Day to Day Tasks


Every team member, coordinator or not, is required to:


Contribute to cleaning through weekly cleaning tasks

Take "receptionist" shifts

Cook for the entire team (once a week or every two weeks, depending on team size**Requirements**



European citizenship (as we can only employ people from the EU)

A drivers licence

At least 22 years old

Fluency in spoken and written English

Strong communication skills

Proven leadership and team-management skills

Organisational skills

Experience in at least one of the following areas: accounting, fundraising or recruiting



Skills relevant to one or more of our working areas

Other languages: Greek, Arabic, Farsi, French

Previous volunteering or paid working experience in the humanitarian context

What we offer


A monthly stipend:

Option A (with accommodation): 400 Euros net per month

Option B (without accommodation): 620 Euros net per month

Greek working contract

Health insurance in Greece

A private room in our flat for long-term team members (Option A) OR a living allowance to finance your independent accommodation (Option B)

Breakfast and lunch on working days, as well as food support (if living in shared accommodation)

Two weekend days (Sunday & Monday)

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