Project Officer

at Geneva Call
Published September 7, 2022
Location Cucuta, Colombia
Category Management  
Job Type Full Time  



In situations of armed conflict, Geneva Call, as a neutral, impartial and independent international humanitarian organization, endeavors to strengthen the respect of humanitarian norms and principles by armed non-State actors, in order to improve the protection of civilians, while supporting local communities in their efforts to enhance their own protection. Appel de Genève/Geneva Call is a private, not-for-profit, humanitarian organization foundation under Swiss law, founded in 1998.


Geneva Call consists of many diverse nationalities, cultures, languages and opinions. Geneva Call is an inclusive working environment for all its staff.  Applications are particularly encouraged from all qualified candidates without distinction on the grounds of race, colour, sex, national origin, age, religion, disability, sexual orientation, and gender identity.



The purpose of the Project Officer is to plan, implement and guarantee the excellent, transparent, effective and efficient execution of the activities foreseen in the projects assigned to their territory, and of the implementation of policies, internal guidelines and standards of Geneva Call.

The Project Officer contributes to the development of new activities and projects. Contributes to the development of knowledge of the area, its actors and dynamics and for this, you must have experience in a relevant technical, administrative or professional field for 3 or more years, ideally in a similar context.

The Project Officer makes decisions that impact the development of activities and the delivery of results or services. Is responsible for the resources used by him/her and by others; for example, financial resources, information and material assets. You can manage or supervise personnel, support the actions of allies or other organizations, and in reports or support that respond to ongoing actions.

The Project Officer develops, contributes and strengthens inter-institutional relationships, with authorities and ethnic communities, with civil organizations and, eventually, with armed groups, in developing the mission and action framework of Geneva Call in Colombia. Always in accordance with internal procedures and guidelines, protecting civilians, applying humanitarian principles and complying with national legislation.

The Project Officer is offered a work contract, which requires a permanent presence in Cúcuta, Norte de Santander, or a neighboring municipality, which allows him to travel daily. The fees do not include transfers to or from Cúcuta unless meetings are required in another city or rural area, and these transfers are contemplated in the Action Plan. Leases, transfer or other housing arrangements of the person who works as Officer are not covered . Therefore, a person who lives in the area or who can autonomously generate conditions to live in it is required.


Main activities

in information:

Ensure the relevance and timeliness of information filed, managed, consolidated, recorded and used.

Protect the conditions of confidentiality of data and reports that require it, apply the system of labels and files, and guarantee that the records have the authorization supports for use.

Permanently share the knowledge acquired, including contact information, documents and their inputs, and project materials through the Geneva Call MEAL system.

Participate, contribute, lead and guarantee, as appropriate, the preparation, execution and delivery of technical, quantitative, narrative or indicator-based reports, directed to Geneva Call, donors or other interested parties in the activities and projects, prior designation and approval.


In representation and participation in the regional dynamics of the sector:

Participate in meetings of the humanitarian sector, with special attention to security analysis, and other territorial meetings, as expressly designated for each case.

To serve as a node of the United for DIH network , and a regional benchmark in DIH.

Participate in the deliberations and processes aimed at the development of norms, protocols and other mechanisms for the protection of civilians in conflict contexts, according to express delegation.

Support through information and training, first responders in IHL and in protection (leaders, ethnic authorities, public officials and educators).

Support, upon request and prior approval, negotiation processes for humanitarian access.


In communications, awareness and training:

Contribute with content, supervise and evaluate the design, use and results of communication materials (printed, video, audio, material for social networks) and communication processes, monitoring their adaptation to the local, cultural and social context, and their pedagogical effects and in changes in behavior and values.

Archive, preserve and facilitate access and use of graphic, audiovisual, printed and testimonial material that accounts for the regional dynamics, the project activities and their results, challenges and achievements, and the protection and changes achieved.

Promote the adoption of the vision of civil protection through compliance with IHL, by officials, local representatives, organizations and other stakeholders, making use of the approaches, methods, materials and messages generated by Geneva Call.

Develop the communications plan by building relationships and dialogue with local and regional journalists and media outlets, following the Geneva Call guidelines.


In administration:

Execute the regional financial plan, based on Geneva Call financial management processes and tools.

Prepare the legalization of expenses and resources, requested and executed in activities and processes related to the planning and mission of Geneva Call.

Make payments and financial controls as required.

Prepare budgets, request appropriations, perform financial monitoring and controls.

Participate and contribute to the preparation of financial reports to donors and support the preparation of audits.


Main qualifications

Education and experience

Higher education degree (undergraduate) in law, or with verifiable experience in the use of law in professional practice. In this second case, higher education (undergraduate) in social sciences, health sciences, administration or related is considered desirable.

The accumulated experience corresponds to academic titles, according to the criteria of Public Function (Colombian legislation). The experience must include the use of law in the exercise of work.

Have a minimum of 3 years of work experience with humanitarian organizations, human rights, protection entities, work in analysis and intervention in emergencies or conflicts, and/or with international organizations or organizations.


Technical skills

Fluent computer skills, especially Office with an emphasis on Excel and Google suite. Ability to read statistical data and other quantitative information.

Experience in monitoring, evaluation and support to the organizational learning process from projects (MEAL).

Experience in design and execution of awareness and training processes with educational communities, communicators. indigenous peoples, Afro-Colombian communities, civil society organizations, prisoners, government entities and international organizations.

Have proven experience leading work teams, or have had other people under their charge, under their direct responsibility or supervision.

Have experience in managing the complete cycle of projects, preparing financial reports, preparing situation documents, reports and reports, and experience in filing and documenting evidence and other supports.

Competencies in the use of Office tools, communication skills, basic management of social networks and mass media (for interviews, communications, relationships and workshops) and experience in public relations with allies, counterparts and stakeholders in the projects.



Good level of writing and oral expression in Spanish, verbal communication skills and experience in report writing.

Ability to read and understand English.


Personal skills

Ability and experience in working under pressure, in environments affected by conflict, insecurity and violence. Also, ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously.

Have the ability to work independently, meet agreed deadlines, ability to resolve urgent issues and assertive communication.

Ability to work in a team and in a multicultural context.

Knowledge, understanding and commitment to the humanitarian principles, the vision and mission of Geneva Call, and to confidentiality in the work. Commitment to continuous self-training and updating in DIH.

Have strong logical thinking and organization skills, flexibility and adaptability to change and ability to take responsibility, and proactive and efficient positions.

Have the ability to work in a team, knowledge and experience in action without harm, experience and sensitivity to needs and obligations in care and protection in a multicultural environment.


It is considered an advantage

Have a higher education degree (specialization and postgraduate) in human rights, international humanitarian law or the law of indigenous and Afro-Colombian peoples.

Have certified training in gender studies, cultural studies, peacebuilding and the like.

Have certified experience in team leadership, human resource management and conflict resolution.

Have a good level of writing and oral communication in English.

Have previous work experience in Norte de Santander.



Performance management

The employee will be accountable for the responsibilities and the competencies, in accordance with the GC Performance Management p. The following documents will be used for performance reviews:

The Job Description

The individual Work- and Professional Development Plan

The Competency Framework


Conflict of interest

Any candidate affiliated to, or openly supporting, one or more interest groups opposed to the Foundation’s principles and values, or whose previous position could engender safety issues for co-workers at Appel de Genève / Geneva Call, will be excluded from this selection process.





Position : Project Officer

Type of Contract: Fixed term contract (National position)

Activity rate: 100%

Work place: Cúcuta, Norte de Santander, Colombia

Citizenship card or immigration card that allows you to work legally in accordance with Colombian legislation.


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