Senior Agriculture Financial Specialist

at FSD Kenya
Published September 7, 2022
Location Nairobi, Kenya
Category Consultancy  
Job Type Full Time  




The Kenya Financial Sector Deepening (FSD) programme, FSD Kenya, was established in early 2005 to support the development of inclusive financial markets in Kenya. FSD understands financial inclusion as being about harnessing the power of markets to improve people’s lives.  Exceptional gains have been made in expanding inclusive finance in Kenya.  FSD’s strategy for the next five years seeks to contribute to the development of a financial system that increasingly delivers value for a green and inclusive digital economy while improving financial health and capability for women and micro and small enterprises.  Drawing on a detailed understanding of market systems and a clear vision of the future, FSD looks to address identified systemic constraints and bring about large-scale and sustainable change.  A broad range of partnership are core to FSD’s work encompassing both the public and private sectors, the latter including commercial players and non-profits.  The operational nature of these partnerships varies significantly and may involve FSD financing substantial programmes of activity, offering technical assistance, commissioning relevant research or FSD’s technical team simply collaborating on issues of shared interest.


FSD is an independent Trust under the supervision of professional trustees, with policy guidance from a Programme Investment Committee (PIC). Finance is provided by development partners working with the Government of Kenya (GoK).  Our current funders include the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, UK Aid's Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO), and the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA).




The Senior agriculture finance specialist is responsible for leading the Agriculture and processing project, providing superior technical input leading to the development and implementation of interventions and tasks with significant contribution to other FSD projects with focus on Trade, Green finance and Health.


Role Description


Strategy idea generation

Identifying relevant new thinking across field of expertise

Creating new opportunities for achieving FSD’s strategic ambitions

Integrating FSD's strategic drivers into all programme activity (especially gender/WEE)

Strengthen FSD's role as a thought leader in agriculture finance (Staying current with latest thinking & developing new ideas)

Communicating learning and insights for local and global audiences

Project leadership and delivery

Designing and developing strategic projects, interventions, tasks and business planning

Managing and/or contributing to projects, interventions and task teams to deliver targets

Managing direct reports

Analysing progress against targets and identifying and solving bottlenecks

Following all policies and procedures in line with the Trust deed

Stakeholder relations and accountability

Building and effectively managing relationships with key FSD partners in public and private sectors

Networking with and influencing key industry players and researchers in the financial     sector and real economy

Liaising with FSD Kenya funders and other development partners to achieve objectives

High-quality and on-time reporting against results on project impacts, outcomes, outputs and deliverables

Technical and advisory

Undertaking policy, gender and market analysis to guide the design and evolution of programme activities

Identifying and developing prospective opportunities, analysing and undertaking due diligence

Supporting effective procurement of technical inputs and contracting of direct grants and other instruments

Assuring technical quality of FSD’s work across team members, external contractors and partners

Advising across FSD team and key partners on domain specialisms


Conduct of Work


The Senior Agriculture Finance specialist will work as a full-time member of the FSD Kenya team, reporting directly to the FSD Kenya Chief programme officer (CPO).  Working closely with other members of the team, s/he will support the CEO and CPO in managing the Trust to achieve the programme objectives, model collaboration and working across FSD’s activities, ensure stewardship for the Trust’s resources, and adhere to policies and procedures.


Working arrangements will be flexible with the approach taken driven by the demands of the role. Communication and collaboration are of paramount importance to the FSD team’s effectiveness. Guidelines on effective remote working and flexitime are set out in FSD’s policies and procedures which should be strictly adhered to. Use of timesheet is mandatory, and salaries will only be processed upon updated timesheets by 20th of each month. Successful remote and flexible working requires liaison with PSTs and the full adoption of FSD’s technology-based communication tools.


Outcomes and Deliverables


The Senior Agriculture finance specialist will be responsible for strategic direction, effective implementation and delivery of FSD’s work in relation to agriculture and processing to drive economic inclusion in the real economy.


FSD is managed on a strongly results based approach and its team is expected to deliver against its defined business plan and the specific annual targets agreed with the CEO each year to support the strategy and business plan. The Senior agriculture finance specialist will be fully responsible for delivery on the FSD Kenya projects through contributing substantially where her/his expertise could add value. Formal internal project reporting requirements must be delivered on time and to the highest standards.




Mandatory Requirements

Bachelor’s degree in Agriculture, Agricultural Finance, or related topic.

7 years’ experience managing agriculture projects in developing country context

Experience, Knowledge and Skills

Agriculture Value chain solutions

Financial sector challenges in relation to agriculture

Market systems development practice

Written and verbal communication in English

Desirable Requirements

M4P course

Master’s degree

Spoken and/or written Swahili

Knowledge of Kenya development sector (agriculture)



FSD’s programme is delivered by a small, multi-disciplinary team. While each member of the team will have specific roles to play in the programme, the following key competencies underpin our ability to deliver.  At a minimum, the role is expected to have competencies at the Leadership level:


Initiative and decisiveness

Has a strong sense of engagement that leads to self-starting, taking initiative and acting decisively.

Motivates others by providing vision and direction.

Innovation and value addition

Generates value-adding innovation through continuous improvement, idea generation and creativity.

Systematically manages change and innovation and creates a culture within which innovation can flourish.

Drive for results

Strongly motivated to achieve goals and act with accountability to deliver quality results.

Leads others and manages for strategic success.

Thinking and problem analysis

Thinks clearly and intentionally in order to understand issues, solve problems and make good choices.

Thinks logically and analytically in addition to conceptually and strategically in order to manage complexity.

Learning and resourcefulness

Possesses the personal resourcefulness to deal with difficult situations effectively and continually improve skills and knowledge.

Promotes a learning culture and is highly motivated to develop others.

Relationship building

Initiates and maintains positive relationships with others; discerning and appreciating the values, concerns and feelings of others.

Leads and builds team work.

Communication and influencing

Deliberately adjusts behaviour in order to address the feelings, needs and concerns of others; communicates clearly, confidently and appropriately to influence others.

Networks strategically and builds relationships of influence.


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