Zulfiqar Ali

Country Liaison Manager, External Relations Manager, Security Managers, Administrations Managers

Zulfiqar is an immensely driven and self-assured professional, known for exceptional multitasking and organizational prowess. Adept at maintaining strict confidentiality and demonstrating unwavering professionalism when collaborating with executives and senior leadership. Acknowledged for outstanding job performance, strong managerial skills, and a resolute commitment to task completion, even in high-risk and stressful environments. Zulfiqar brings extensive experience as a government liaison, external relations advisor, and protocol advisor, with a solid foundation in strategic communication and interagency coordination. Proficient in securing permissions, expediting NOCs, and ensuring the safety of all stakeholders. Skilled in executive support, effective team management, and mentorship. Committed to both organizational interests and strict legal compliance. Moreover, i have special expertise in the following as well:-

  • Strategic Communication: demonstrated ability to communicate effectively with government counterparts, understanding when and how to convey information, and managing submissions in a manner that fosters cooperation.
  • External Relations, Government Liaison, and Coordination: Proficient in establishing connections with government officials and securing necessary NOCs and permissions for project implementation.
  • Effective Communication: Skilled in communicating with government counterparts, understanding when, what, and how to convey information, and ensuring timely and accurate submissions.
  • NOCs and Registration: Experienced in liaising with government authorities for NOCs and registration processes.
  • Travel Permissions: Competent in obtaining travel NOCs for foreigners, including access to restricted areas.
  • Interagency Coordination: Act as a focal point for coordinating with both internal and external government departments, ministries, and law enforcement agencies.
  • Executive Support: Provide valuable support to the Country Director and senior managers in day-to-day organizational operations.
  • Office Management: Proficient in overseeing office operations, including functions at airports, customs, immigration, passports, NICOPE, CNIC, and lodging.
  • Safety and Security: Keep stakeholders informed about safety and security updates, ensuring thorough briefings.
  • Government Protocol Adherence: Proficient in adhering to government protocols and managing arrangements for government and foreign delegates.
  • Administration and Logistics: Skilled in administration, logistics, and fleet management, overseeing day-to-day operations
  • Ministries/Govt of Pakistan Coordination: Experienced in coordinating with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), Ministry of Interior (MoI), Economic Affairs Division (EAD), SAFRON, CCAR, Home and Tribal Affairs Departments, PDMAs, Embassies, DCs, LEAs, Provincial and Federal Ministries
  • Team Management and Multitasking: Effective in leading teams, negotiating, and maintaining strong government liaisons, demonstrating confidence and trust in abilities
  • Stakeholder Networking: Known for building strong networks with stakeholders and consistently following up on access-related issues with staff.
  • I am a genuine team builder with an innate ability to inspire and exceptional analytical and problem-solving skills. My dedication and performance have earned me generous recognition. A thorough review of my attached resume will provide further insight into my qualifications, and I am confident that you will discover that I am well-suited for the role. I want to express my gratitude in advance for considering my application. I would greatly welcome the opportunity for an interview. Thank you! 

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Last Resume Update December 6, 2023
Address Islamabad, Pakistan
E-mail Zulfiqar079@gmail.com
Phone Number +92-321-5830448


Askari Guards Pvt. Limited
Assistant Manager Coordination
Oct 2023 - Dec 2017

• Liaison and Coordination: Act as a central point of contact between different departments, teams, and stakeholders within the organization. Ensure effective communication and collaboration to meet organizational goals. Coordination's responsibilities are pivotal in maintaining effective communication, collaboration, and overall operational efficiency within an organization. Expertly handles the preparation and renewal of Askari Guards' operating licenses.
• Project Coordination: Assist in the planning, organization, and execution of projects. Monitor project timelines, deliverables, and budgets. Facilitate cross-functional teams in achieving project objectives, approval, and issuance of Airport Entry Passes from Cabinet Division for CIT Operations across all airports.
• Data Management: Maintain databases, records, and documentation related to various projects, activities, and initiatives. Ensure accurate and up-to-date information is readily available for decision-making.
• Meetings and Reporting: Organize and participate in meetings, taking minutes, and preparing reports. Provide follow-up on action items to ensure tasks are completed on schedule.
• Document Management: Maintain and organize documents, files, and records, ensuring they are easily accessible to relevant team members. Implement document control procedures for efficient data management. Maintain a meticulously organized repository of files, memos, IONs, and other reference documents containing vital information for reports, correspondence, technical papers, and more.
• Stakeholder Communication: Facilitate communication with internal and external stakeholders, ensuring that key messages are conveyed clearly and in a timely manner.
• Problem-Solving: Identify issues, bottlenecks, or areas of improvement within the organization's processes and work collaboratively to find solutions.
• Resource Allocation: Assist in managing and allocating resources, including personnel, budget, and materials, to meet project and operational requirements.
• Compliance: Ensure that all activities and projects adhere to relevant regulations, policies, and standards. Keep abreast of compliance requirements and facilitate adherence.
• Quality Assurance: Monitor and assess the quality of work and deliverables. Implement quality control measures to enhance overall performance.
• Training and Development: Support in the training and development of team members, as well as providing guidance and support as needed.
• Performance Evaluation: Participate in performance evaluations of team members, offering feedback and constructive suggestions for improvement.
• Research and Analysis: Conduct research and analysis on various topics to provide insights and data-driven recommendations for decision-making. Provide diligent supervision of services offered to existing clients while working towards expanding the client base by thoughtfully planning and managing daily operations.
• Administrative Tasks: Undertake various administrative duties, such as scheduling, correspondence, and other tasks that contribute to the smooth operation of the coordination department. Maintain close and strategic coordination with a spectrum of stakeholders, encompassing government and private Civil Administration, Embassies, Diplomatic Enclave, SECP, Ministry of Interior (MOI), various Ministries, PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority), Law Enforcement Agencies, District, ICT, Civil Administration, and NADRA for NICOP, Passport, Immigration, and more. Organize the rental of transport from civil companies to accommodate VVIPs and foreign visitors.
• Emergency Response: Play a role in emergency response and crisis management, ensuring that coordination efforts are efficient and effective in critical situations.
• Continuous Improvement: Continuously evaluate and enhance coordination processes to increase efficiency and productivity. Oversee the accurate processing of client quotations, orders, and order confirmations within established timeframes. Guarantee that the Client Care Services team is appropriately staffed and trained to deliver efficient service to both internal and external customers. Ensure the comprehensive implementation of the Client Care Services strategy throughout business and service functions. Conduct evaluations of projects and TORs, strategizing capture plans for success.

CARE International in Pakistan, Islamabad
Advisor Corporate Affairs
Jul 2018 - Current

As an Advisor in Corporate Affairs, my primary role involves leading and coordinating external liaisons to cultivate positive relationships with vital stakeholders. This position is essential for maintaining favorable government and stakeholder connections, upholding regulatory adherence, and facilitating the seamless execution of the organization's projects. It demands a high level of professionalism, strategic communication, and meticulous attention to detail. In summary, my role encompasses a wide array of responsibilities, including government liaison, documentation, external communication, and ensuring compliance. I am instrumental in guaranteeing the organization's projects operate smoothly while meeting all legal and regulatory prerequisites. Following are my major responsibilities: -
• External Relationship Management: I take the lead in establishing and nurturing positive working relationships with essential stakeholders, both within and outside the organization. This involves building and maintaining strong connections with government counterparts and other key partners.
• Document Preparation and Management: I am responsible for the punctual and meticulous preparation of crucial documents related to the organization's projects. This task requires close collaboration with cross-functional teams within the organization to ensure the accuracy and completeness of these documents.
• NOC Facilitation: Streamlining the process of obtaining necessary No Objection Certificates (NOCs) for the organization's projects is a key responsibility. This involves the careful preparation and submission of NOC applications to relevant government departments. It also requires proactive follow-up to ensure timely approvals.
• Compliance and Query Resolution: Submit reports to all NOC-issuing authorities in accordance with the terms and conditions outlined in their approvals. Diligently ensure compliance with government policies and address any queries or concerns raised by authorities.
• Representation of Organizational Initiatives: When dealing with government and Law Enforcement Agency (LEA) representatives, I accurately represent the organization's initiatives. This involves effective communication and conveying the organization's goals and objectives.
• Reporting and Information Dissemination: Providing prompt and precise updates to the Country Director and other relevant stakeholders is crucial. I ensure that information is conveyed accurately and in a timely manner. This may include delivering reports and information to government authorities and aligning with the organization's registration requirements.
• Performance Audit Management: I oversee the execution of performance audits by a panel of auditors. This process includes forwarding the results to relevant government authorities and facilitating vetting by internal stakeholders.
• Database Maintenance: A comprehensive database is maintained, encompassing both digital and hardcopy records. This database contains all applications, documents, and reports submitted to relevant authorities for NOC issuance and compliance with statutory requirements.
• Government Compliance: I ensure that the organization complies with government policies and requirements. This includes submitting reports to all NOC-issuing authorities and addressing any queries or concerns they may have.
• Communication Material Development: I assist in creating and disseminating various communication materials, which may include letters, electronic presentations, reports, newsletters, and informational packets.
• Strategic Counsel and Liaison: I provide strategic counsel to the organization and identify opportunities to secure appointments with key stakeholders within government departments, ministries, and Law Enforcement Authorities (LEAs).
• Staff Education: I lead sessions to educate fellow staff on effective communication practices when engaging with external entities, with a focus on interactions with LEAs.
• Renewal of MoU with Ministry of Interior Govt of Pakistan: I lead the renewal of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Ministry of Interior (MOI) is a critical process that involves several key steps. This process ensures that the MoU with the Ministry of Interior is effectively renewed, maintaining a positive and productive working relationship between the organization and the government entity: -
o Review and Assessment: The first step is to review the existing MoU. This involves a detailed examination of the terms, conditions, and objectives outlined in the current agreement. The purpose is to assess whether the MoU is still relevant and effective or if any changes or updates are required.
o Identification of Renewal Need; If the review indicates that the current MoU is about to expire or needs to be extended, a formal decision to renew the MoU is made. This decision is typically taken by the leadership of the organization.
o Engagement with MOI: The organization's representative, often the Advisor for Corporate Affairs or a designated official, initiates contact with the Ministry of Interior. This involves writing an official letter or communication expressing the organization's intent to renew the MoU.
o Drafting of the Renewed MoU: Once the negotiations are completed, the renewed MoU is drafted. This includes incorporating any agreed-upon changes or updates.
o Review and Approval: The drafted MoU is then reviewed by both the organization's leadership and the Ministry of Interior.
o Signing of the Renewed MoU: Once both parties are satisfied with the terms and conditions, a formal signing ceremony is organized. The Advisor for Corporate Affairs or the organization's representative signs the MoU on behalf of the organization, and a representative from the Ministry of Interior signs on behalf of the government.
o Registration and Implementation: The renewed MoU is registered with the relevant authorities, and a copy is retained by both parties. The terms and conditions of the renewed MoU are then implemented, and both parties are expected to adhere to their respective obligations.
o Communication and Reporting: The renewal of the MoU is communicated to relevant stakeholders within the organization, and regular reporting mechanisms are established to ensure that the terms of the MoU are being upheld.
o Monitoring and Evaluation: Throughout the duration of the renewed MoU, there is a need for ongoing monitoring and evaluation to ensure that the objectives are being met and that both parties continue to benefit from the agreement.

CARE International in Pakistan
Executive Officer
Jan 2018 - Jun 2018

In the role of an Executive Officer, it was vital in ensuring that an organization's leadership operates effectively and efficiently, helping them focus on strategic and high-priority tasks while handling day-to-day responsibilities. It was included: -
• Administrative Support: Managing the executives' schedules, appointments, and correspondence. This involves prioritizing and organizing meetings, events, and travel arrangements. Provide invaluable executive support to the Country Director. Coordinate travel and logistics for the CD, aligning with CARE's safety and security protocols.
• Information Management: Keeping sensitive and confidential information well-organized and safeguarded. This includes maintaining digital and physical files, records, and databases.
• Communication: Serving as a primary point of contact between executives and employees, clients, or other stakeholders. They often draft emails, letters, and reports on behalf of the executives. Act as the liaison with CO teams on behalf of the CD, expediting the resolution of crucial issues. Oversee the punctual and accurate preparation of critical documents pertaining to CARE's work, collaborating with other CO teams for submission to relevant government authorities.
• Meeting Coordination: Arranging and facilitating meetings, conferences, and presentations. This includes preparing agendas, coordinating logistics, and taking minutes when necessary. Efficiently manage the scheduling of internal and external appointments for the CD, ensuring optimal prioritization of incoming requests.
• Project Support: Assisting with special projects or initiatives by conducting research, preparing reports, and monitoring progress to ensure deadlines are met.
• Office Management: Overseeing the day-to-day operations of the executive office. This may include managing budgets, supplies, and equipment. Maintain meticulous record-keeping and file management.
• Stakeholder Engagement: Building and maintaining relationships with external partners, board members, and other key stakeholders. They may represent the executive in interactions and communications. Pave the way for external liaisons, fostering productive connections.
• Problem Solving: Identifying issues and inefficiencies in processes or operations and working to find solutions.
• Employee Support: Providing support and guidance to other employees in the organization, ensuring that tasks and responsibilities are carried out efficiently.
• Confidentiality: Maintaining the utmost discretion and confidentiality regarding sensitive information and executive decisions.
• Decision Support: Offering valuable input and insights to assist executives in making informed decisions.
• Compliance: Ensuring that the executive office adheres to all relevant laws and regulations. Streamline the acquisition of CARE Project NOCs from the government. Represent CARE's initiatives with precision in meetings involving government officials and stakeholders.
• Strategic Planning: Assisting with long-term and short-term strategic planning and goal setting. Offer strategic counsel, adeptly identifying and securing appointments with key stakeholders across various government departments, ministries, and law enforcement authorities (LEAs).
• Financial Management: Managing budgets and expenses for the executive office and ensuring financial records are accurate.
• Travel Arrangements: Coordinating complex travel itineraries, accommodations, and logistics for Country Director.

Frontier Works Organization (FWO)
Protocol Officer
Nov 2011 - Nov 2023

• Official Representation: Represent the Director General at various official functions, meetings, and events, ensuring that they are well-represented, and their image is maintained.
• Liaison and Coordination: Act as a liaison between the Director General's office and other government departments, agencies, and external stakeholders. Facilitate effective communication and collaboration.
• Scheduling and Time Management: Manage the Director General's schedule, including appointments, meetings, and travel arrangements. Prioritize tasks and activities to maximize their productivity.
• Event Planning: Plan, organize, and coordinate official events, conferences, and meetings that involve the Director General. Ensure that all logistics are in place and that events run smoothly.
• Protocol and Etiquette: Ensure that the Director General is aware of and adheres to the correct protocols, etiquette, and formalities during official interactions and events.
• Documentation: Prepare, review, and organize official documents, reports, and correspondence on behalf of the Director General. Maintain a record of important documents and files. Liaison and protocol with embassies located in Islamabad for interview, issuance/embossing of Visas for DG FWO/ officials visiting abroad.
• Information Dissemination: Disseminate information and directives from the Director General to the relevant departments and staff members. Ensure that information flows efficiently within the organization.
• Travel Arrangements: Make travel arrangements for the Director General, including booking flights, accommodations, transportation, and coordinating itineraries. Arrangement of logistical events at different hotels for DG/Foreigners. Travel itinerary and ticketing and all pre-departure documents / formalities. Obtaining / arranging of Note Verbal from Ministry of Foreign Affair Islamabad. Personals Passport, International Driving Permit from Rawalpindi/Islamabad NICOP, Entry Visas UAE, Medical, Air Line Tickets, NOC, Pre-departure formalities, through BBIA Islamabad, of selected individuals of FWO for UAE Project Abu Dhabi.
• Security and Safety: Collaborate with security personnel to ensure the Director General's safety during official engagements and travel. Ensure security during movement of DG at Benazir Bhutto International Airport Islamabad. Security /Reception/see off, boarding/lodging DG FWO, VIPs /Foreigners, and their families.
• Crisis Management: Be prepared to manage crises or unexpected situations during official events or travel, providing quick and effective solutions.
• Resource Management: Manage and allocate resources efficiently, including budget, materials, and personnel, to support the Director General's activities.
• Stakeholder Engagement: Engage with government officials, diplomatic representatives, and other stakeholders to build and maintain positive relationships on behalf of the Director General.
• Record-Keeping: Maintain records of official activities, meetings, and important contacts. Keep a log of the Director General's engagements for reference.
• Public Relations: Assist in enhancing the public image of the Director General by managing media interactions, press releases, and public appearances.
• Training and Development: Keep the Director General informed about updates in protocol, etiquette, and official procedures. Provide guidance and training when necessary.
• Adherence to Regulations: Ensure that all official activities and interactions comply with government regulations, policies, and standards.
• Confidentiality: Maintain the utmost confidentiality and discretion in handling sensitive information and matters.
• Feedback and Reporting: Provide regular reports to the Director General on activities, accomplishments, challenges, and recommendations for improvement.

Anti-Narcotics Force Pakistan
Liaison and Protocol Officer
Oct 2008 - Nov 2011

As the Protocol Officer at Benazir Bhutto International Airport, my role encompasses a range of diverse responsibilities. The ANF Protocol Officer at an airport plays a critical role in ensuring the safety, security, and smooth operation of the ANF's activities and engagements, with a particular focus on addressing narcotics-related issues. In this role, I ensure that ANF's operations at Benazir Bhutto International Airport run smoothly, prioritizing security, coordination, and protocol for a wide range of official engagements and activities. These duties are crucial in supporting the Director General's role as a government department's leader and representative.
• Liaison & Coordination with Government Departments: Establish and maintain effective communication and collaboration with various government departments to ensure smooth operations at the airport.
• Safety and Security: Prioritize the safety and security of official delegations and the Director General (DG) during their visits. Oversee security arrangements for the Director General of the ANF and other senior officers during their visits to the airport. Ensure their safety and security throughout their stay.
• Crew Vetting: Conduct thorough vetting of airline crews operating from Benazir Bhutto International Airport (BBIA) to uphold safety and security standards.
• VVIP Aircraft / Clearance: Facilitate the clearance and handling of VVIP aircraft taking off from or arriving at the airport, including ensuring adherence to relevant protocols and procedures. Oversee the vetting process for VVIP aircraft departing from the airport. Provide specialized protocol services for VIPs and VVIPs, including dignitaries, government officials, and foreign visitors. This involved coordinating their reception, accommodation, transportation, and security. Conduct vetting and security checks on airline crews operating from the airport to ensure compliance with safety and security standards.
• Protocol Operations: Manage all protocol operations for the Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) at BBIA, including the reception and see-off of foreign VVIPs and VIPs, as well as the boarding and lodging arrangements for senior officers, the Director General, Secretaries, Joint Secretaries, Inspector General Police, Deputy Inspector General Police, and their families.
• Liaison with Security Agencies: Maintain close coordination and liaison with various security agencies, including the Airport Security Force (ASF), Intelligence Bureau (IB), Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), Military Intelligence (MI), Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), and Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), which are deployed at the airport on behalf of ANF.
• Supervision of Drug Detection: Supervise drug detection activities, passengers' profiling, and undercover operations aimed at identifying suspicious passenger movements within the airport.
• Documentation and Reporting: Maintain accurate records and documentation related to protocol operations, security arrangements, and any incidents or issues that may arise. Prepare and submit regular reports to higher authorities.
• Resource Management: Manage and allocate resources, including personnel, budgets, and materials, to support the effective execution of protocol and security operations.
• Crisis Management: Be prepared to handle unexpected situations or crises that may occur at the airport, responding promptly and effectively to address security or operational challenges.

Presidential Guest House
Protocol Assistant
Oct 2005 - Mar 2008

In the role of Protocol Assistant at the Presidential & COAS Guest House/ General Headquarters, my responsibilities encompassed a wide range of crucial duties and tasks, aimed at facilitating the smooth functioning of high-level protocol and administrative operations. My role demanded meticulous attention to detail, a deep understanding of diplomatic protocols, and the ability to coordinate effectively with various stakeholders to ensure the success of high-level events and visits. These duties included:
• Office and Residence Arrangements: Organizing official appointments and visits to the Chief of Army Staff (COAS) office and residence, including seating arrangements during meetings and events.
• Gift and Souvenir Approvals: Securing approval from the COAS for the presentation of gifts and souvenirs to guests and foreign dignitaries, ensuring that all protocols and formalities were observed.
• Security and Vetting: Managing the security of VVIPs and conducting vetting procedures for COAS staff and drivers to guarantee safety and adherence to security standards.
• Invitations and Events: Issuing invitations to VVIPs and foreign guests, confirming their attendance at various events, and providing necessary security instructions for lunches, dinners, and coffee parties, particularly for the 10 Corps HQ.
• Accounting and Financial Management: Serving as the accountant for the Presidential and COAS (Chief of Army Staff) Guest Houses, maintaining accounts receivable and payable ledgers, and ensuring financial records were accurate and up to date.
• Guest Reception and Security: Overseeing the reception and security of guests visiting the President and COAS during their entire visit, which included coordinating with various agencies to ensure a secure and welcoming environment.
• Liaison and Coordination: Establishing effective liaison and coordination with airport authorities to facilitate the movement of foreign delegations and guests, both for arrivals and departures.
• Diplomatic Formalities: Managing diplomatic formalities, including obtaining Note Verbal’s from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) and facilitating visa processes with embassies for foreign dignitaries.
• Supervision and Administration: Supervising support staff to effectively manage day-to-day protocol duties, ensuring that all protocols were diligently followed.
• Policy Implementation: Implementing established policies and procedures within the Directorate Chief of Army Staff Secretariat, including various administrative services.
• Logistics and Procurement: Handling all tasks related to the purchase and repair of office equipment, mechanical transport, and facilities at the Presidential and COAS Guest Houses.
• Fleet and Transport Management: Overseeing the administration of a fleet of 65/150 vehicles, including drivers' management (salary, overtime, uniforms), fuel accounting, and transport logistics.


University of Karachi
Mar 2009 - Mar 2011

Political Science

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